What is Cointap?

Cointap is a Canadian based Bitcoin business. We are your gateway to the internet of money.

What is our mission?

At Cointap, our mission is to create a world filled with opportunities. Everyone has a calling – big or small, north or south, and any colours of the rainbow. To realize your dreams, the right tools and resources need to be available. We’re starting with economics first. We believe economic empowerment is one of the most crucial features of building successful individuals, business and nations. That’s why we are starting with improving access, education and usability of bitcoin. Money needs an update. Money needs to work for everyone, not just the few. So if you agree with our mission, join us at Cointap: your gateway to the internet of money. We want your money work for you. We make money fun. We help you enjoy a world filled with opportunities.

What do we offer?

Cointap’s is a simple website to buy or sell Bitcoin from any mobile phone or web browser.

We enable anyone buy, sell and send bitcoin using a smartphone. Simple add our web app to your phone, create an account, enter in your Bitcoin wallet address, send us payment and receive coins or cash in under 60 seconds.

Why you should use our services

  • Trusted & experienced
  • Fast and seamless
  • Browser based, mobile first design
  • Non-custodial
  • Privacy minded

How to begin

Tap buy bitcoin, more information or contact us to keep moving along your Bitcoin journey.

We can’t wait to meet you!

– Cointap