More About Us

Cointap is here to help you buy, sell and use Bitcoin the right way. Navigating digital currencies can be difficult. We make it clear what to expect when working with us.


Non-custodial means that we do not hold your coins. We enable you to retain full control of your money. Bitcoin gives you the tools to be your own bank. We can help you accomplish this.

Minimally Invasive KYC

We let you buy coins quickly and easily without going through a long, drawn out registration process that asks for everything from your passport to your toes' fingerprints. Start buying today with only your name and phone number.

Fast Execution

Receive coins or cash with near-instant delivery. We will send your coins as soon as we confirm our payment. Ain't nobody got time for anything less.

No Downloads Required

We all have too many apps. Our service doesn't require any downloads to use. Access us from any browser, anytime, anywhere. If you would like quick access from your phone, favorite our site to your home screen.

Mobile First Design

Our mobile focused design ensures you can seamlessly harness bitcoin anywhere, anytime. We encourage you to brag and show your friends how slick you are buying Bitcoin off your phone.

Fair and Clear Pricing

Fine print and hidden fees suck. We won't trap you with either of them. We charge a posted rate based off of live market rates. See our pricing page for our pricing. If you have specific inquiries, contact us directly.

Experienced Team

Our team has numerous years of professional cryptocurrency experience. We live and breathe what we do and are fully invested in building this industry. Everything we do is to benefit you, our customers. Leverage our experience to your advantage.

Customer Service

Everyone needs help on their journey. We can help you with any question you might have. If we don't have the answer, we will find it for you. Just ask us.

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